A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself, and only herself.


my ultimate goal is to be at peace with myself, eliminate toxic feelings and elements and energies from my life, unlearn negative and harmful practices and thought patterns, stop checking for people that don’t check for me, create a space for myself that is nurturing for growth so that i may generate loving energy for myself and for others, nourish my spirit and balance my energies, i have big dreams and i deserve to live a life i love and let that love radiate

(Source: llleighsmith)

I’m attracted to the extreme light and the extreme dark. I’m interested in the human condition and what makes people tick. I’m interested in the things people try to hide.
The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe.
We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.
Nothing can wear you out like caring about people.
The morning breezes have secrets to tell; don’t go back to sleep.
Something happens to our beautiful thoughts when we try to confine them to complete sentences, and what happens is not always good. Writers always face the chance of failure.
There is no dark corner of
your heart I will not explore, no
flaw or feature too frightening
to know— there’s no depth to
which I dare not go, for you,
my love, are a universe.
And I mean to inhabit all of
You can’t keep kissing strangers and pretend that it’s him.